PARTNER TALKS – Flemming Goldbach, Chief Product Officer of LMS365

PARTNER TALKS – Flemming Goldbach, Chief Product Officer of LMS365
by Genos
Partner talks
24th of April 2023

PARTNER TALKS – Flemming Goldbach, Chief Product Officer of LMS365

Recently, we were honored to receive a visit from Flemming Goldbach, CPO at LMS365. Living and working in Denmark, Flemming has contributed for many years in technology organizations, enjoying the work in international settings and leveraging individual countries and cultures strengths to create high performing teams. 

LMS365 is the only learning platform built into Microsoft 365 and Teams, enabling organizations to make learning an effortless part of every employee’s daily work, and by making sure that the right learning opportunities are made easily available where the employee does their daily work, they help them achieve that. 

That is why the brand promise is Learn Like You. They make learning personal and individual for their customers. 


How did GENOS contribute to LMS365 reaching its goals? 

GENOS provides the work foundation for our teams here in Romania. GENOS ensures that the office, local contract and benefits are outstanding for LMS365 employees here in Romania, as well as providing us with excellence local recruiting of new colleagues to the LMS365 teams here in Bucharest. 


Why was GENOS chosen as an exclusive partner for LMS365? 

One of our strengths in LMS365 product organization is our work culture. We focus very much on being an empowered organization where the best idea and solution decides over the job title of the person. So, when we decided to expand the LMS365 product organization into Romania I knew we needed to have a local collaboration partner, who had the same razor-sharp focus on company and team culture, to help us expand our organization into one more country, but preserve the great part of our organization culture, and give it a Romanian twist where needed. 

GENOS has a history of doing exactly that, by leveraging Nordic culture and values which are very similar to what we do in LMS365. The key part in selecting the collaboration was that we found Genos had that big focus on people first and on culture and collaboration. 


How do you feel about the fact that the team grew from 0 to 31 people? 

I feel proud. The majority of the LMS365 team in Bucharest work in our product organization, where we have a very long-time focus on employee hiring. It is not easy to grow from 0 to 31 people in a new country, and at the same time ensure that the collaboration culture we have is preserved and strengthened. The recruiting team at GENOS have done an amazing job to help us in this journey. So, I am very proud that we have managed to do that in such a short time frame. 

Within this team, how diverse would you say the roles are? 

Across the LMS365 organization we have roles spanning from Product Manager to Full-Stack Developer, QA Engineer, Front-End Specialist, Scrum Master, Video Specialist, Localization Specialist, Support Engineer, People & Culture local partners. But the job titles are not the essential part, it is the diversity of the people behind them. 2 QA Engineers in LMS365 may be very different in personality and may even differ in their superpowers that they bring to their team. We focus on delivering everything as a team effort, so there can be a lot of diversity in the personalities and superpowers of people within the same discipline, which is what the team leverages to make outstanding product deliveries and hopefully have a lot of fun as colleagues along the way. 


Is the Romanian team a good fit from a cultural point of view? 

Looking back at the feedback, I found that colleagues here in Romania really enjoy the empowered and informal work culture in our organization. I try to have a lot of catch-up conversations with new employees after they join and what I found out is besides people being happy with all that we do, they felt the “vibe” that we have here is amazing.   


Anything you would like to share about our team in Romania? 

They are amazing. They are very professional and focused on delivering second to none learning experiences to our customers. At the same time, they are very united and know how to have fun together. 


You currently have a track record of one release every 6 weeks, not to mention successful integrations and launched functionalities, with these things to take into consideration what would you say the rest of 2023 looks for LMS365? 

We will continue to deliver new capabilities and improvements in LMS365 to our customers, with our regular cadence of releasing every 6 weeks. Top of mind right now is bringing even more ready-made learning content to our customers, help them use skills mapping to drive even more learning and talent development internally, and continue to integrate, expand and leverage all of Microsoft’s continued innovation on Teams and Viva. 


Why is the work at LMS365 meaningful? 

I believe that lifelong learning is an important and noble pursuit. It is a key ingredient in making people’s lifes better. Knowing that we help people around the world be a better person tomorrow than they were today. By helping them obtain those new skills that help them move into a more exciting job role, or by helping them to get better in their current job. That is a work that to me is meaningful. 


What would you highlight about Genos?

If you want a partner in Romania that puts people first and focus on supporting great work culture, then Genos will be a great match for you! 



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