Client Identity for your outsourced team

Client Identity for your outsourced team
by Genos
15th of March 2019

Client Identity for your outsourced team

Client identity            

When doing outsourcing of e.g. software development and you wish for your outsourced development team to be an integrated part of your Danish organisation, your focus must be oriented on a strong organisational identity towards the employees working at your nearshore partner.

A strong client organizational identity towards the employee is crucial for us as it gives the optimal platform for creating and developing a long-lasting relation between the client of Genos and the dedicated employees.

By working together with Genos you can really put your finger print on how the dedicated team will be formed and developed.

Genos Principles – Client Identity

Genos has developed a toolbox that focuses on promoting your organizational identity towards your dedicated team – doesn’t matter if it’s for software development or service desk – and the toolbox covering aspects like:

  • Dedicated Team: The dedicated team is hired specifically for the client and fully integrated within your organisation, culture and strategy.
  • Dedicated Office: The office space is dedicated only for a specific client, so your company values, success stories, strategy, vison, goals etc. will be shared between your dedicated team members.
  • Recruiting and Onboarding involvement: Your involvement in the recruitment process provides you the opportunity to pick the candidates that fit best to your requirements, afterwards the onboarding process can take place partly in your organization.
  • Client specific Education & Career path: Together with the newly onboarded employee you’ll be able to outline an education and career path for the employee in accordance with the needs and the requirements of our organisation.
  • Client specific branding: Genos will help you create an office branding inside the designated offices, e.g. by have taglines, logos etc. on the walls.
  • Video bridge: Through a video bridge you’ll be able to have a real-time audio and visual interaction between all the employees in Denmark and/or Bucharest office and this can be established upon your request.
  • Danish language training: In order for the employees to understand the Danish culture and language better, Genos has a native Danish language teacher in Bucharest.
  • Specific Client needs: In case you’ll have any specific needs, e.g. a team building event, we’ll do our outmost to fulfil your needs.

Genos has three business principles, a strong Client Identity represents the one of them. By applying different methods such as the ones mentioned above Genos managed to create, sustainable, dedicated, productive and loyal teams for our clients.

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