New People & Culture Manager at Genos

New People & Culture Manager at Genos
by Genos
31st of May 2021

New People & Culture Manager at Genos

With ten years of experience in the IT industry and plenty of know-how in tech talent acquisition, Roxana Busuioc will be the new daily People & Culture Manager at Genos. Here, she will primarily focus on:

1) Recruitment of new talents

2) Career and development of staff

3) Employer branding activities

Throughout her career, she had the opportunity to work for international companies and she was exposed to various organizational structures, work environments, projects, procedures, and tools. Familiar with the Danish work style and leadership, she highly appreciates it, and she is looking forward to experiencing it again through GENOS' staff and business partners.

Q: What was the first feeling you had about Genos after your interview?

A: I appreciated the open, honest, and friendly dialogue about the company's plans, current situation, and future needs. It was a constructive discussion that helped me realize that I can use my overall experience in P&C to contribute to the development of this area in Genos while still having the opportunity to sharpen my skills and grow professionally. Also, I liked the office a lot. It is located in a lovely part of the city and provides the comfort that you may need to have a pleasant time at work.

Q: Why People and Culture?

A: People are the essence of any organization, and their personal and professional capabilities are the superpowers that are making it successful.

We all want to work for companies where we are trusted, respected, valued, fairly treated, and encouraged to develop our skills and achieve our goals.

P&C is the area that focuses on all these aspects, providing support in creating a positive work environment. For me, it is always rewarding to work with people who find fulfilment in their jobs and are happy at work.

Q: How would you describe the talent acquisition in the IT field?

A: It is pretty dynamic, hypercompetitive, diverse and full of challenges and opportunities. Hiring the right people for an organization, especially in the IT industry, is not only about posting jobs and having interviews. It requires a joint effort and different approaches that could help potential candidates clearly understand who we are, what we do, and why they should want to join us.

Q: What are the first three things about someone you take into account when recruiting for a job?

The ideal candidate's profile requires competencies aligned with the job specifications and the company culture and values. The expectations are quite different from one company to another. Still, most of the time we are looking for people who are flexible in the face of change, can communicate and collaborate efficiently in various setups, are focused on self-development, and willing to share knowledge and ideas with their peers.

Q: What is the most important step one should not miss when it comes to career development?

Professional development starts with a fair self-assessment and requires openness to constructive feedback and focus on acquiring the knowledge and skills needed to achieve your career goals. In this process, it is essential to be ready to invest time and effort in developing your competencies effectively and efficiently.

Q: From your point of view, how do you see the Genos culture? What do you think makes people adhere to it?

A: The company culture is diverse because it is closely connected to its customers' values and way of working. Genos encourages you to be brave enough to make a difference in your work, supports your professional development, gives you responsibility and freedom, treats you with respect, and focuses on providing a safe and pleasant work environment.

Q: What is your main objective for your first year at Genos?

A: The main goal is to work with happy colleagues and business partners and most of the actions will be focused on understanding their needs and finding ways to support them.


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