In 2021, we change the scenery

In 2021, we change the scenery
by Genos
29th of April 2021

In 2021, we change the scenery

Growth is one of the strongest words that describe us, at Genos. Over the time, we have mastered the art of handpicking the right talents and building high-performance teams that work as a seamless extension of the client’s in-house staff. Knowing the market and continuously learning about the needs of our clients, we aim to offer them the most suitable long-term benefits of working with a nearshoring partner.

In order to provide the best services for our clients, we are regularly searching for new ways of development both as individuals and as a team. When it comes to the latter perspective, in the past 4 years, Genos has been on a continuous and prolific path towards expanding, our team growing month after month and welcoming true professional IT specialists that match with our core values. Our ultimate goal? Creating strong teams and becoming the go-to source for dedicated experts.


2021 calls for a change

Due to an average growth of one employee/ month for the last 4 years and taking into consideration that the COVID-19 situation created a context in which the demand for skilled IT technicians is continuously increasing, we decided to make the first step towards a new milestone and to relocate to a bigger office space near the city center. By doing so, we can further expand our team while providing each and every employee with all the space and facilities they need for a productive time at work.

The 700 m2 office will therefore care for our long term business objective of continuously growing, offering us the ideal setting for bringing more people together in the Genos family.


Heart of the city, closer to nature

We know breaks are important for the productivity of our colleagues. Fresh air, short changes of scenery and physical activity are assets valued by our employees, deeply rooted in their DNA. When searching for a new office, we made sure to always keep them on our minds and analyze each new potential space to see if it answers all our demands.

Charles de Gaulle Plaza - the most prominent office building in Bucharest located at Piața Charles de Gaulle – was the winning lottery ticket. Located at just 500 m away from Herăstrău Park, a beautiful oasis within the city, benefiting from good connections with all major means of transportation and surrounded by restaurants, coffee shops and supermarkets, our new office is accessible to all our employees, placing at their disposal numerous facilities just around the corner.  






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