Genos Development Wheel

Genos Development Wheel
by Genos
28th of January 2019

Genos Development Wheel

The “Development wheel” is a tool developed and used by Genos for the purpose of growing and achieving a high performance in the company, while motivating and engaging the employees in a long-term career path commitment.

The development wheel is using the calendar year to illustrate the inter-dependencies between the development activities, that have to be executed sequentially, while allowing other independent cycles like the Ramping-Up Cycle to be combined with the activities within the development wheel.

To present the functionalities of the wheel we’ll exemplify an ideal full development cycle and by focusing on the first year’s activities. Of course, the wheel should be seen as a dynamic process that must be further developed as the years pass, the strategic objective are achieved and of the clients.

1.1.Employee’s Development Path & Performance Evaluation (EDP&PE)

Focuses on the employee development path, on the wheel there are emphasized some of the preferred periods for EDP and PE within a year.

Ideally in the first weeks the new employee is starting the on-boarding process at your office in Denmark,  during the on-boarding process the first 1st EDP should take place, meaning that there are established the most essential skills and technologies on which the employee has to develop, having in mind that the improvements have to be visible before the ending of the trial period a realistic level and timeline have to be established.

When the first PE (performance evaluation) is completed ,( 1-2 months since the employee started) by the team from Denmark, a follow up meeting will take place together with Genos’s team.

Genos is regarding the EDP and PE as the best tools to ensure that the development of the employee is taking place,  Genos is offering to participate and cooperate in the preparation of the meetings, during the meetings and documenting according to the local provisions.


1.2.Continuous on-boarding, training and development

The on-boarding process continues in the offices of Genos as well, from a cultural perspective, Genos will help the client identify the so called “cultural carriers” and highlight their role in the organization, by encouraging them to contribute in the creative process of carrying and forming the client’s desired organizational culture.


1.3.Certifications and/or courses

On order to have an efficient time management any certifications or courses that an employee might need in order to develop, will be linked to the stand by periods in Denmark. Experienced and knowable employees can be involved as well into the knowledge transfer process from the beginning of the 1st quarter based on the clients size and business model.



Reaching the client’s desired maturity level after a full year can be achieved through the continues development of the team.At this moment in time it must be foreseen that the full potential of the employee has been exposed and the performance of the employee can be easily measured.

Genos is offering outsourcing of software development and Service Desk for Danish clients. Genos can offer you the optimal mix of factors mentioned above. Please contact Genos for further information :


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