Erik Andreasen, CEO & Founder of Genos

Erik Andreasen, CEO & Founder of Genos, has chosen Romania as the company’s location for a number of reasons, such as – Government support for the IT business, the professionalism of Romanian developers and, most importantly, the local talent



Alexandru Nicoliță

Alexandru Nicoliță has been a member of the Genos team for 5 years! Joining Genos represents step forward in his career, while his experience within the company can be characterized by ease of communication, support and cooperation.

Ionuț Trufin and Alexandru Nicoliță

Ionuț Trufin and Alexandru Nicoliță have not only watched their careers blossom while working for Genos, but their personal lives as well! Their journey within the company has allowed them to evolve, learn and build strong relationships.

Oana Chirea

As part of the Genos team, Oana Chirea deals with challenging tasks on a daily basis, while communicating with both the client and her colleagues. Once you are part of the Genos team, you are a decision maker, since there are no hierarchy levels!

Roxana Șolcă

Roxana Șolcă’s team is awesome and full of new joiners who are well-skilled and eager to learn! As for her, Genos is the place that gives her freedom to implement her own ideas and implement her own decisions, while making a step further in her career!

Ionuț Trufin

For Ionuț Trufin, the challenges and the constant learning are just some of the reasons that make Genos a pleasant work environment! The flat hierarchy makes it easier to communicate your needs, as there are no intermediates.


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