Our offices

Our offices

Our offices

In november 2023, we expanded our office space

Starting 1st of November 2023, we expanded our office space with an additional 700 square meters floor in Charles de Gaulle Plaza building.

Our new office area will include modern meeting rooms, a dedicated break area and kitchen facilities. 

With the expanded office space, we are better prepared to accommodate our growing teams. This means more opportunities for talent acquisition and a stronger foundation for future success.


In 2021, we changed the scenery

We want to provide each and every employee with all the space and facilities they need for a productive time at work. We care about people and we also want to develop our team, therefore we chose to move to a bigger office that now makes all of us happier while also providing room for much more people that will join us in the future. 

Bigger office, near city center

We know time is precious, so when we chose the location we had in mind that we need to be near the city center so that our employees won't spend so much time on their road home. Also, our office can now welcome more people than ever while still making them feel cozy and inspired, with a 700 square meters space with open space desks, conference rooms, lunch rooms and many more. 

Heart of the city, closer to nature

We enjoy being in the middle of the action, but we also love nature. How do we combined these two? We chose our office right at the entrace in King Michael I Park (former Herăstrău Park), a Park with a beautiful nature, that is also close to the center of the city. In our lunch breaks we can now enjoy our meals right in the wonderful nature of King Michael I Park, being embraced by fresh air and beautiful views. 

All you need, two steps away

Genos' new office is located next to lots of restaurants, coffee shops and supermarkets, but also it has good connection with all major means of transportation (subway, bus, train, airport). No need to waste time by changing two or three means of transportation to get to the center of the city. Less time spent on the road means more time to enjoy your passion. 

Genos' offices? 1400 square meters of awesomeness!


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