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LMS365 collaborates with Genos for the LMS365 Bucharest team. Genos is a nearshoring partner of LMS365, providing recruiting services, retention packages, great office location and facilities to the LMS365 team in Bucharest.

LMS365 vacancies

At LMS365, we are a driven company with a diverse set of clients and alliance partners and, as of right now, pride ourselves in building the next Danish unicorn!
What differentiates us is a terrific team of employees, countless opportunities, and a culture that fosters both personal and professional development in a fast-paced setting, while our main purpose is to build an international and culturally diverse team!

Take a look at our open positions that are listed below:

We are always open to learning and developing

At LMS365, we meet one another with an open and sincere mind. As a part of a dynamic and growing company, we see ourselves as continuous learners. This means that there always needs to be room for learning and focusing on what is meaningful for us in our work whilst being authentic in what we deliver. We know that ambition and motivation can arise in many ways and seek to uncover what works through a flexible environment. Our mission is to empower people through learning and doing so internally is just as important.  




A workday is not complete without some inspiration and fun 

At all our offices, both on-site and remote, mixing in time for inspiration and excitement is always welcome. We know that a static day at a desk cannot promote the creativity and drive we wish to spread around. There is room for taking a walk, having a chat, or perhaps brainstorming on ideas for a new project.



Balance is essential

Our aim is to empower through a balanced working environmentoffering flexible settings to match the modern workplace. We have built a culture that supports our international collaborations, to invigorate flexibility through trustful management, individualized working hours and continuous learning. Supporting and celebrating employees for their agility, creativity, problem-solving and motivation is always prioritized. 



A diverse and equal team 

Diversity may seem like a corporate buzzword but we hope to illustrate the importance of having teams that are dynamic and equal in nature. Our mission and goals are not achievable if we cannot count on a wide range of people that each can contribute in unique ways. We want to create change for our clients and this means gathering a team where there is room for differences on all levels.  





Regardless of what location you are in, and what your role in the organization is going to be, remember that while it can’t be fun all the time, it should be fun most of the time.”

Lars Vestergaard, CCO


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