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Facts about Romania:

  • Romania is the 9th-largest country in the EU by area
  • 19.4 million inhabitants 2019
  • Orthodox Christians
  • The Romanian language is a Latin language and much easier for a Dane to understand than for example Slavic languages
  • 7th most populated country in the EU
  • Time Zone - EET (GMT + 2, CET + 1)
  • Romania has been an EU member since 2007 and a NATO member since 2004
  • Currency - Lei (RON); 1 RON = 1,57 DKK; 1 RON = 0,21 EUR
  • GDP was € 250 billion in Q1-4-2019
  • GDP growth of 4.1% in Q1-4-2019
  • Solid legal protection of Intellectual Property due to membership of EU
  • Modern IT infrastructure; it is ranked as the 4th country in the world regarding high-speed broadband Internet connection.

Why Romania

Facts about the IT industry in Romania:

  • Ability to scale large due to the large pool of IT specialists (200,000+ working in the IT industry)
  • Highly-educated workforce (more than 13,000 IT graduates every year, with by far most candidates coming from the three universities in Bucharest)
  • Pro-active culture oriented on hard work and customer satisfaction
  • Cost Effective - value for money, not merely price per hour
  • Employees with excellent language skills (English 98%, French 27%, Spanish 13%, Italian 10%, German 10%)
  • No visas needed for travel to EU countries

Why Bucharest

Facts about the IT industry in Bucharest:

  • Bucharest has 2.2 million permanent residents, but the population swells to  more than 3 million during the workweek
  • It is estimated that Bucharest has almost 7 times more  IT professionals on the labor marked compared to the second city on this ranking
  • Three major  universities in Bucharest produce more than 1,000 highly-skilled IT graduates yearly
  • The number of IT professionals graduating from university in Bucharest is by far the biggest in Romania
  • Bucharest has by far the strongest regional economical growth in Romania today, attracting large numbers of young students
  • Direct flight between Copenhagen and Bucharest
  • Direct flight between Billund and Bucharest
  • All the major Romanian IT companies are headquartered in Bucharest