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Dedicated Team

Application Team

Dedicated Team

The Dedicated team working of the Genos development center in Bucharest is only handpicks the right talent and builds a high-performance team that works as a seamless extension of the Client’s in-house staff.

Application Team

Genos develops tailor-made applications based on requirements discussed, planned and signed off prior to the actual implementation. Genos offers fixed and flexible-scoped Application development.

Managed Developer

One of the most efficient ways of initiating the collaboration with your exclusively designed dedicated team in Bucharest is by having one of your team leaders managing the developers from your office in Denmark. On a daily basis (for example at a morning scrum meeting), the team leader will agree with each member of the dedicated team regarding his or her schedule and tasks for that day. This way of managing the individual team members of the dedicated team is called: Managed Developer

Managed Team

As part of the development process, your dedicated team will expand and improve its autonomy. The expansion process of the dedicated team will be a structured one, based upon the long-term recruitment strategy, and it will be fulfilled by having new team members joining the team. When the dedicated team will reach a particular size and level of competencies, the responsibility for tasks, such as building an application, can be handed over to the dedicated team and managed on a weekly basis by your product owner located in Denmark. This way of managing the dedicated team is called: Managed Team

Service Desk

In the forthcoming time as more knowledge & expertise about the domain and the applications are acquired and anchored in the dedicated team members, the foreseeable course of action will be to allocate team members partly or fully to support the end users (internal and/or external). Your particular support function can always be converted into a specific Service Desk operation (e.g. some of our clients have opted to establishing a 24-7-365 first-level Service Desk in Bucharest)


  • Transparency for cost drivers like salaries, office space and recruiting cost
  • Fixed monthly fee of using the Genos organization
  • The Client will be granted the tax exemption

Danish management

Danish business culture and values will be ensured in the office of Bucharest by having daily Danish management present


Genos believes every Client is unique and should be treated as such. Genos allows its business model to be tailored to the needs of the Client.