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Dedicated Team

Genos finds the right talent and builds a highly performing team that works as a seamless extension of the Client’s in-house staff.

Dedicated Team:

  • Advisable to be  minimum be five persons and with no upper limit
  • Dedicated to work for the Client only
  • Works in the office space designated for the Client

The Client has the following responsibility for the DedicatedTeam:

  • To negotiate the salary with each team member
  • To manage and control the tasks for each team member on a daily basis
  • To form the organization of the team
  • If needed, “train” the team members

For the above responsibilities Genos will support and advise the Client.

Benefits of a Dedicated Team:

  • The talents will fit the Client’s competence requirements 100%
  • The Client’s internal procedures and methodologies will be followed to the letter
  • The Client has full control over the Team and retention of know-how

Application Team

Fixed Scope Application Development

Genos develops tailor-made applications based on requirements discussed, planned and signed off prior to the actual implementation. Requested feature changes are estimated, accepted by the Client and included in a revised project plan.

Benefits of the Client:

  • High control of cost
  • Clear upfront definition of features
  • Fair predictability of live date


Flexible Scope Application Development

Genos develops, through an iterative process in which the main stakeholders are fully involved, an application whose exact features and scope are not exhaustively detailed upfront. Compared to fixed-scope projects, the requirements gathering stage is shorter and planning is carried out in iterations rather than before the project's start.

Benefits of the Client:

  • Higher client participation & satisfaction
  • Shorter analysis stage
  • Always have a functional application as the result of each iteration









Talent Acquisition and Development

After defining a recruitment strategy together with the Client, Genos employs its various methods to quickly acquire the right talent from the Romanian job market.

Benefits for the Client:

  • Efficient and fast recruiting
  • The best talent available on the market is hired to match the job profile formulated by the Client
  • Transparency in the recruiting process


Office Management

Office Space:

Genos is located in high-end office buildings in the north of Bucharest. The Client will have designated Office space for its Dedicated Team, so Client values, identity etc. can be shared with the Dedicated Team.

Benefits for the Client:

  • Higher productivity for the Dedicated Team
  • Strong Client Identity ensured towards the Dedicated Team

The rent includes:

All utilities, Daily cleaning, Reception services, Security 24/7/365, Facility management, Furniture, Additional services such as kitchen facilities, rest rooms, etc., Access to Business Lounge and conference rooms with modern AV equipment IT & Telecom.


Special requirements for data security, development environment, VPN connections, etc. can be arranged according to the requirements of the Client.






  • Transparency for cost drivers like salaries, office space and recruiting cost
  • Fixed monthly fee of using the Genos organization
  • The Client will be granted the tax exemption

Danish management

Danish business culture and values will be ensured in the office of Bucharest by having daily Danish management present


Genos believes every Client is unique and should be treated as such. Genos allows its business model to be tailored to the needs of the Client.