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Software development Center

Dedicated Team:

Should minimum be 10 persons and with no upper limit Is dedicated to work for the Client only and for a long period of time, i.e. calendar years Works in the office space allocated for the Client

The Client has the following responsibility for the Dedicated


To inform Genos when to hire and fire the team members To negotiate the salary and notice period with the team members To manage and control the tasks for the team on daily basis To form the organization of the team If needed “train” the team members

For the above responsibilities Genos will support and advise the Client

Consultancy Hub

Office Space:

Located in High-Quality office buildings in the north of Bucharest Can adapt very fast to changes (more or less) for office space

The rent includes:

All utilities Daily cleaning Reception services Security 24/7/365 Facility management Furniture Additional services like kitchen facilities, rest room, etc. Access to Business Lounge Access to conference rooms with modern AV-equipment IT & Telecom


Special requirements for data security, development environment, VPN connections, etc. can be arranged according to the requirements of the Client

Support Center

Requested Team:

Managed by Genos and available for short and long term assignments for the Client Is normally assigned to a task with short notice Is often working for many different clients of Genos within a calendar year Can work in the office space allocated for the Client or Genos

Competences within the Requested Team:

Software developer Specialist and Project Managers

Other Tasks to be offered by the Requested Team:

Project Management Custom application development (Fixed Scope) Custom application development (Flexible Scope)