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Ramping-Up Cycle

Ramping-Up Cycle:

The Ramping-Up Cycle is an important tool used by Genos. The purpose is to align Genos with the Client's strategy. Together the Client and Genos outline:

  1. the outsourced organization of the Client,
  2. the ideal profile matrix of the Client,
  3. recruiting strategy for the Client


Ramping-Up Workshop :

In order for the Client and Genos to be aligned, a workshop will be established as one of the first activities. Purpose of the workshop:

  • to provide a holistic view for everyone involved from the Client in the Outsourcing process by going through all the steps in the Ramp-Up Cycle
  • to align all the Client's stakeholders with regards to the outsourcing activities and the roadmap ahead
  • for Genos to understand what makes the client unique = DNA of the Client

After the workshop, the Client will be able to (re-)calculate their Return On Investment of Outsourcing.

1. Strategy & Business Plan        

The Outsourcing activity must fit into the overall Company Strategy and Business Plan for the coming years.

Normally a detailed 3-year Business Plan with Top line, Bottom line, Gross Margins and Cash flow will be available and will be an important element in preparing the final Return on Investment calculation - ROI - for the outsourcing activity.

2. Policies & Future Organization        

The future organization of the Client must be outlined clearly to define how the Dedicated Team fits into the future organizational structure.

Amongst many other things, the future organization must be outlined in accordance with the Best Practices for handling distributed development and take into consideration the policies of the Client.

3. Profile Matrix

The Client's Ideal Profile Matrix must outline:

  • the “Must” and “Nice to Have” Competences,
  • Years of Experience,
  • Grouping competences into profiles, etc.

of the candidates.

Furthermore the psychological profile and lifestyle of the candidate must be defined (e.g. Alpha or Gamma Person).

4. Recruiting Strategy

The Recruiting Strategy outlines how the different tradeoffs must be taken into consideration:

  1. Internal Recruiting versus External Recruiting
  2. Headhunting versus salary level
  3. How many persons to hire within a certain time frame
  4. Seniors versus Juniors
  5. Offering upgraded paths for candidates that almost fit the Ideal Profile Matrix

When the Client has taken the final decisions regarding Recruiting Strategy, a Ramping-Up plan will be established focusing on the onboarding of the different profiles over time.

5. Hiring

For the Job Interview a joint presentation of the Client and Genos is prepared covering

  1. a presentation of the Client,
  2. a presentation of Genos,
  3. the job description,
  4. the salary package, etc.
  5. Talent Development

Job Profiles and Job Ads are prepared in close cooperation between Genos and the Client.

The hiring process will normally take a while and must be executed according to the agreed schedule.