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Application Cycle

Application Cycle:

The Application Cycle is an important tool used by Genos. The purpose is to align Genos regarding all aspects related to the Application and together the Client and Genos outline:

  1. the Application itself
  2. the Product Management of the Application
  3. the Life Cycle Model of the Application
  4. the Building and Deployment process
  5. the Maintenance and Support process


Application Workshop :

In order for the client and Genos to be aligned, a workshop will be established as one of the first activities. The purpose of the workshop is:

  • to go through all the steps in the Application Cycle to provide a holistic view to everyone involved in the Application outsourcing process from the Client's side
  • to ensure that all the Client’s stakeholders will be aligned regarding the outsourcing activities
  • for all involved stakeholders to agree upon a Clear roadmap
  • for Genos to get the client “under its skin” and really understand the DNA of the Application to be built

After the workshop the Client will be able to (re-)calculate the Return On Investment of using Genos' Application Team.

1. Application and its Frame        

In order for Genos to understand the application to be built, the Client must inform Genos about the following topics:

  1. the application itself
  2. the Product Management
  3. the Product Life Cycle

It is crucial to have a holistic view in order to select the optimal Life Cycle Model for the Application, e.g. knowledge of the Product Management gives a much wider scope on the application itself.

2. Lifecycle Model

Choosing the lifecycle model:

The lifecycle model for the Application sets the framework for how the application is going to be developed. E.g.it:

  1. defines the development phases,
  2. defines activities in each phase as well as deliverables.


Genos strives to use agile methodology to the furthest extent possible taking into consideration:

  1. best practice for distributed development within the IT industry
  2. specific needs of the Client.

3. Building and Deployment

Building and Deployment of the Application:

Building the application itself will be done according to:

  1. the chosen lifecycle model and
  2. agreed delivery schedule

Before deploying the application, intensive testing will be carried out in close cooperation with the Client and/or end user.


The deployment of the Application will be done in close cooperation with the customer and depending on the actual application, Genos is prepared to offer onsite presence at the Client's facility during deployment.

4. Maintenance and Support

Maintenance and Support of the Application:

Genos offers full lifecycle support for the Application. I.e.:

  1. Maintenance will be available according to the chosen lifecycle model
  2. Support can be carried out in various ways


Support can be 1st line or 2nd line and/or during normal working hours or 24/7/365 - all according the to needs of the Client. A dedicated Support team can be arranged for the Client.