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Danish Holding Company

Genos is a Danish company offering Danish companies outsourcing of highly skilled IT engineers and business consultants to Bucharest.

Genos in Romania
Genos has a fully-controlled company in Romania under Romanian legislation where the developers and consultants are hired under standard Romanian labor contracts.

Genos' business principles are:

  • Transparency
  • Client Identity
  • Danish Management
  • Agility


  • Transparency regarding cost drivers such as salaries, office space and recruitment cost
  • Fixed monthly fee for using the Genos organization
  • The Client will have the full benefit of Romanian tax exemption

Client identity

  • The Dedicated Team will work exclusively in office space designated to the Client
  • The office space can be arranged and/or decorated according to the demands of the Client

Danish management

Danish management is present daily in the Bucharest office, ensuring observance of Danish business culture and values.


Genos believes every Client is unique and should be treated as such. Genos allows its business model to be tailored to the needs of the Client.

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Advising on Outsourcing

Advising on Outsourcing

Genos has in-depth understanding of the key success factors for making outsourcing productive in the long run. Advising can be related to areas such as:

  • Business areas of interest for Outsourcing
  • Best Practice regarding Distributed Development
  • How to establish a standard BID/NO-BID Outsourcing Coefficient

Advising on Talent Development

Talent development:

  • Talent development is by far the best tool to retain the employee over a longer period
  • Microsoft Certifications is highly coveted by IT educated in Romania

Genos is prepared to make an initial individual IT skills assessment and combined with the Client’s specific needs an individual Talent Development Program is scheduled

Advising on Internal & External Marketing

Day-to-day dialogue between the Client’s management team and employees in Denmark:

  • Inform the organization in Denmark about outsourcing: why, where, how many, etc.
  • Make sure the outsourcing is anchored in the strategy of the Client and that the management team fully supports the outsourcing
  • Use every opportunity to communicate to the employees in Denmark about outsourcing – monthly meetings etc.

Communication to the Client's customers regarding outsourcing:

  • Communication to the Client's customers about outsourcing should be prepared and communicated to all employees
  • It will differ from customer to customer of the client if it should be transparent to the customer that outsourced resources are involved in the project

Onboarding Process & Daily Communication

Onboarding Process:

  • For the onboarding process the Dedicated Team should follow an introduction program prepared by the Client. This will often take place at the Client's premises in Denmark. The onboarding process will focus on the Client's  business domain, IT architecture, working procedures, culture, etc.
  • After the onboarding process the Dedicated team will be located in Bucharest and on a regular or ad hoc basis, the Client can send a person to Bucharest to work closely together with the Dedicated Team
  • When the Dedicated Team has reached a certain size, the Client can consider offering Danish employees to be stationed in Bucharest for 1-2 years

Daily Communication between Denmark & Bucharest:

  • Morning Scrum is a strong tool for ensuring a strong team spirit and a common understanding of the daily tasks that need to be executed
  • Conference calls on request related to important reviews/milestones