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Danish Holding Company

Genos is a Danish company offering Danish companies outsourcing of highly skilled IT engineers and business consultants to Bucharest.

Genos in Romania
Genos has a fully-controlled company in Romania under Romanian legislation where the developers and consultants are hired under standard Romanian labor contracts.

Genos' business principles are:

  • Client Identity
  • Culture-Binder
  • Meaningful work

All adding up to: Jobs that matter



  • Transparency for cost drivers like salaries, office space and recruiting cost
  • Fixed monthly fee of using the Genos organization
  • The Client will be granted the tax exemption

Danish management

Danish business culture and values will be ensured in the office of Bucharest by having daily Danish management present


Genos believes every Client is unique and should be treated as such. Genos allows its business model to be tailored to the needs of the Client.

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Client Identity

A strong Client Identity towards the employee is crucial for Genos. It gives the optimal platform for creating long lasting cooperation between the Client and the employee.

Genos promotes the client's identity by emphasizing the following aspect:

  • Team building
  • Specific client needs
  • Client specific career path
  • On-boarding involvement
  • Recruiting involvement
  • Office branding
  • Dedicated office
  • Dedicated team


Genos is doing it utmost to be the culture-binder between Danish and Romanian culture. Understanding both cultures allows all involved persons to come together and understand each other stand points.

The culture-binding is supported by:

  • Danish management in Bucharest office on daily basis
  • EDP (Employee Development Plan) alignment between DK and RO
  • Genos understands the DNA of the Danish Client & Romanian employees
  • Danish language training for Romanian employees
  • Implementing ”personal forening” in the Romanian organization
  • Town-hall meetings transmitted via video bridge

Meaningful Jobs

Meaningful work can come from the individual or the organization. Meaningful work makes the employee becomes part of creating success, cohesiveness, and culture at work. Few other paths offer as much promise for accomplishing valued outcomes as creating meaning in work.

Genos focuses on having the clients and the employees satisfied by doing a meaningful job though:

  • Knowledge work
  • Top Clients
  • Interesting projects
  • Long term commitment
  • Education
  • EDP and P&E