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Dedicated Team

Genos handpicks the right talent and builds a high-performance team that works as a seamless extension of the Client’s in-house staff.

Application Team

Genos develops tailor-made applications based on requirements discussed, planned and signed off prior to the actual implementation. Genos offers fixed and flexible-scoped Application development.

Talent Acquisition & Talent Development

After defining a recruitment strategy together with the Client, Genos employs its various methods to quickly acquire the right talent from the Romanian job market.

Office Management

Genos only uses high-end offices that support all the needs of a high-performance team. The offices are strategically located in Bucharest close to metro stations and other important infrastructure.

Latest news

Stibo DX extends to Bucharest by collaborating with Genos

03th of February 2020

Genos is pleased to welcome Stibo DX as a client of Genos. Autumn 2019 Stibo DX sign an agreement with Genos and the on-boarding of the consultants started December 2019 and will go on for several months ahead from now. The consultants will assist Stibo DX during the implementation of their CUE - CUE is the publishing platform that sets new standards for digital storytelling - platform at clients sites. Genos is looking forward to supporting the future growth of Stibo DX in the coming years.

Genos Meetup Event

14th  of November 2019

On 14th of November Genos hosted at its headquarter the third Meetup event - 360°Business Intelligence Community in Bucharest, powered by Inspari - this year, together with Ionut Trufin & Cristian Lefter. Join the 360° BI community if you are interested in subjects regarding data, bigdata, business intelligence, IoT, advanced analytics, performance managementand more



EIVA A/S new client of Genos

July 2019

Genos is pleased to welcome Eiva as a client of Genos. Beginning of 2019 Eiva started to on-board the first employee for their worldwide service desk operation and since then the Eiva team in Bucharest has grown significantly. The activities of Eiva has now extended from Service Desk into core software development activities. Genos is looking forward to supporting the future growth of Eiva in the coming years with its activities in Bucharest.


Raptor Services Hackathon

30th of May 2019

Genos was pleased to assist in the arrangement and fulfilment of Raptor’s 2019 Hackathon, in order to have a unique experience and a special team building the event took place at a Romanian winery located just 1 hour drive from Bucharest. Raptor’s entire team of Danish developers flew directly from Billund to Bucharest - in order to kick off a great Hackathon session, both Danish & Romanian software developers/technicians created and brainstormed about new interesting solutions.


We always need new people onboard!

Case stories

By reading through our case stories you'll find out more details about how the development process for the teams of our clients unfolded by choosing Genos as their outsourcing partner. By choosing to collaborate with Genos for extending and developing their software development teams our clients positive evolution has been achieved

New growth strategy for Inspari

Inspari is one of the leading companies in Denmark in the market of Business Intelligence solutions, with a portfolio of over 400 clients and with 100+ employees.

As a part of a well-defined internationalization strategy Inspari launched an Outsourcing Business Plan as well. Since that moment in time all steps needed to implement the Outsourcing Business Plan effectively were clear, simple and successfully communicate throughout the whole organization

New growth strategy for Lyngsoe

Lyngsoe has been doing outsourcing of Service Desk and Software development for more than 14 years in Bucharest and when they in 2016 needed to find a new outsourcing partner, Genos was selected in competition with other local outsourcing companies.